Friday, August 10, 2007

The Secret

Bought a book from Kino yesterday. I bought the Chinese version and Joan bought the English version - "The Secret". Know this book from a book review in a Chinese Newspaper. Found it interesting, cos the secret that the book mention I seem to know, but some time just can't follow. I alway say this to Joan "if you want some thing, just think about it and it will come." Some time she think that I jokewith her, but this is so real to me, I experience it many times in my life and me and Joan experience this when we prepare our wedding.

But there is one part I miss out or some how just ignore it, which is this not only apply to thing that you want, but it apply to things that you don't want as well. This book make me reallise this. For example, we may always think "why I can't earn a lot of money?" In this theory, if we think in this way, we will forever "can't earn a lot of money". If we want to earn a lot of money, we should just think "I want to earn a lot of money" or "I will earn a lot of money".

For those who don't like to read, can get the DVD - The Secret (Extended Edition) . Here is the webside

Enjoy :)

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