Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What if take out all the "right" and "wrong"?

Zen Master Angel, I really love your comment. I will put up both my hand and leg to agree it. "right is wrong, wrong is right", YES, cos both of them are concept of human being. "Right" only exist when "wrong" is there, and "wrong" only exist when "right" is exist. What if take out all the "right" and "worng"?

Most of the people worry of this scenario. But the fact is, only when we take out the "right" and "wrong" concept, then we can see the "real thing", that is "cause and effect" (因果). So, "just do it" if you can we face the consequences, but if you can't then better think twice. :P

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Ok, Janny: Put up some photo for you.
Here is some sunset photo I took last weekend when I was having dinner at home.

Like the sunset with "Big" sun. When I was teenage, when ever see the big sun during the sunset, I will rush to the seaside at my hometown to catch it. Like to see the sun go down to the sea slowly without any cloud block it. It really beautiful, you can see the sky is keep changing color, the big red sun go down and down until it touch the sea. Once it touch the sea, it you go sown very fast thil the whole sun disappear. Is really worderful. And the feeling is so peaceful and relax. Really love it. In my memory, I manage to catch this 3 to 4 times. Of cos the photos here are not as great as what I saw. But I belive that you have saw it thru my description. :)

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